Residential & Commercial Properties

Buyers benefit from accurate and current data regarding any property they are purchasing.

Buyers of both commercial and residential property can benefit from accurate data regarding the property before they commit to their purchase. This data is typically obtained from data providers who develop reports encompassing information about the property and its local area. For example, these reports can include details about planning permissions, energy efficiency, liability to flooding and potential for subsidence.

How We Help

Previously, subsidence risk was assessed using data about potential for ground movements. For example, if the local area has been subject to mining or other underground activities, this would create potential for subsidence.  Typically, this kind of data covers much wider areas than the property footprint and does not measure actual subsidence.

How the Data’s Used

SatSense offers the capability to measure actual subsidence at a property level. As a result, purchasers can be reassured or warned of the potential for ground movement and take appropriate action for further onsite investigations if there has been movement to cause concern.