Immediate access to data for analysis of historic and ongoing ground movement

Before development of land, ground stability surveys are essential. Accurate historical records can be rare and outdated. SatSense’s historical data from present day back to 2015 or earlier allows geotechnical engineers to understand settlement or similar movements in an area, to millimetre precision.

The Challenges

Geotechnical and Environmental consultants provide a range of services, for example, to evaluate the suitability of land for development or to analyse the impact of tunnelling or fracking activities at ground level. Traditional techniques involve onsite measurements and even if more recent survey technology such as Lidar or Drones are deployed the results provide the actual readings at the time of survey. Typically, no historical information is available and if historical information is important, then either costly monitors or further onsite investigation is necessary.

How We Help

For any site, SatSense are able to provide accurate ground movement data dating back to 2015. The readings are updated every six days allowing for detailed analysis of the site in question, thereby reducing the amount of time and effort required for site surveys. This data allows for the analysis of seasonal variations and, for example, the effect of tunnelling over a period of time.

Our Case Studies

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Stability Monitoring

Cost-effective mining ground stability monitoring for mining applications using InSAR