High Resolution Ground Stability Data

Making high resolution ground movement data accessible. SatSense provides precise and up-to-date deformation monitoring services using data from satellite-borne radar.

Residential & Commercial Properties

Buyers of residential and commercial property can benefit from accurate data regarding the properties they are purchasing.

Insurance Companies

Use SatSense and SatShop to access historical ground movement data to accurately assess the risk at a property level.

Infrastructure Monitoring & Guidance

Providing regularly updated data to allow large asset owners to identify maintenance needs on services like rail, utilities and highways.

Geotechnical Consultancy

Evaluate the suitability of land for development, without the need for expensive surveying techniques with accurate and historical data.

How SatSense Works

Unrivalled Measurement Density

SatSense’s algorithms convert satellite data from Sentinel-1 and other satellites into datasets that provide accurate data on ground movements.

Keeping You Updated

Continuous Updates Every Six Days

This ground movement data is stored online for immediate access by our customers and partners which is updated on a continual basis every six days.

How We Help

Derived Products to Meet Your Exact Needs

The resolution of our technology allows us to offer ground movement data at a property level.  Our data is applicable to the conveyancing and insurance markets but can also be used as a maintenance solution for large assets such as dams, water and gas pipeline networks.

What We Do

Our Investors