Detect Ground and Structural Movements Over the Entire Mining Site Remotely with InSAR

Enabling Safe Mining Practices

  • Continuous stability of open pits, tailings dams and underground mines is essential to avoid potentially catastrophic hazards.
  • InSAR’s ability to detect ground movements with millimetre per year precision helps mining engineers make high-quality safety decisions.
  • InSAR can help detect movements in open pits, assess tailings walls for structural displacement and can also monitor surface-level subsidence from underground operations.

Capture Movement Insights in Near Realtime

  • SatSense’s InSAR visualisation portal; SatShop reveals continuously updated movement insights with a few clicks.
  • SatShop provides movement insights on thousands of data points within hours of satellite overpass.
  • SatShop not only enables ongoing monitoring but also provides historical movement data over mining sites, going back to 2015 and beyond.
  • Wide-scale movement monitoring of the entire site in one window, helps mining engineers identify areas over their mine which need further investigation, saving both time and costs, and without the need for boots on the ground.

Access Historic Data and Set Alert Thresholds for Future Movements

  • Access past performance of assets and perform due diligence assessment.
  • Monitor surrounding regions and areas beyond the boundary fence for related movements.
  • Engineers can set movement thresholds and receive instant alerts when displacement levels are breached at any part of the mine.
  • Monitor the entire portfolio of mines by continuously updating high-quality InSAR data

Custom Built InSAR Solutions for Different Monitoring Needs

  • Mining sites often require high-resolution monitoring, SatSense can provide InSAR data from different satellites such as TerraSAR-x and COSMO-SkyMed as per client requirements.
  • Our unique artificial intelligence-backed algorithms and machine-learning models provide high-quality data for efficient decision-making.
  • Receive custom reports and training from our team of highly experienced professionals.

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