Our Sectors

A geotechnical site with 2 geotechnical engineers

Using SatSense's historical ground movement data allows geotechnical risk to be identified at project inception, and with ground movement data updated every week, ongoing monitoring of assets and projects can be performed without the need to step foot on-site.


Detect Ground and Structural Movements Over the Entire Mining Site Remotely with InSAR.

water utilities site
Water Utilities

Water utility companies around the world are using our products to improve their services. We identify sections of their pipeline networks most at risk of failure as a result of ground and structure movement. We are also actively monitoring specific assets such as reservoir embankments and dams.

Residential property site which can be possible monitored using InSAR data
Property and Insurance

Ground displacement at property and building level is costly to owners, occupiers, and insurance companies. Find out how we use satellite radar technology to increase visibility over movements, like subsidence, to support purchases and claims.

Road Infrastructure below an old bridge indicating a good use case for using InSAR data for monitoring complex infrastructure

From entire transport networks to individual bridges. Ageing railways and highways to newly constructed earthworks. We can monitor small and large-scale infrastructure to identify, assess, monitor and alert you to movement risks across your network. Helping to prevent downtime and improve resilience.