A server room with multiple servers, showing SatSense's capability to process millions of InSAR data points every week

Accessing Data

Harness the Power of InSAR

Ground Movement Data for Different Needs

High-resolution. Updated every six days. Accurate to +/-1mm. When applied to a sector correctly, InSAR datasets are one of the most powerful tools to:

  • Aid ground investigations
  • Inform decisions within asset management
  • Signpost preventative maintenance priorities for infrastructure

And the majority of that power lies within how the data is accessed.

InSAR map of folkestone warren indicating subsidence and heave in different areas
ArcGIS, QGIS, MS Excel and Auto CAD logo showing different file types in which SatShop can deliver data to it is users

Integrating Data into Existing Databases

Our InSAR datasets can be easily integrated to your existing database for ongoing monitoring, thanks to compatibility with:

  • APIs
  • WMS
  • ArcGIS
  • QGIS
  • Excel
  • AutoCAD
  • BIM software
  • And more!

So, whether your ground movement investigations are part of a small, independent construction project or scaled nationally to monitor infrastructure over an entire country, we've got a data access option suited to your task!

How to Access Ground Movement Data

Discover the most appropriate way to access InSAR data for your ground investigation scenario

One-off Projects

For small projects, you can either:

1. Self-serve

Visit our SatShop and draw your area of interest. For 2 weeks, you'll have access to automatically-generated velocity maps and displacement time-series for this area, which can be downloaded via shapefile or CSV and integrate into your GIS or data systems.

2. Come to us direct

Contact our team of specialists with your area of interest. We'll retrieve, process, and email you the ground displacement data in a shapefile or CSV that you can integrated into your GIS or data systems.

Multiple Areas

This type of task requires full customisation! Contact our team to obtain an API key before uploading your GeoJSON file.

Our specialists will supply you with an array of points covering the requested area in JSON format. Each point has a unique ID, velocity value, displacement measure, and co-ordinate.

Countrywide Mapping

For monitoring activities that span an entire country, our web-mapping service (WMS) is the quickest and easiest way to integrate InSAR data with your existing databases.

Once you've contacted our team, we'll provide you with a WMS layer that includes velocity points and displacement time-series that can be further analysed and queried with our SatSense plugin.

SatSense colleagues analysing and discussing InSAR data over a site

Interpreting InSAR Datasets

At first glance, an InSAR dataset can seem rather overwhelming thanks to the sheer amount of granular detail you've now got at your fingertips. Panic not! Our expert team are on-hand to explain the types of ground behaviour your displacement data is presenting, meaning you can quickly identify concerning movement over individual assets or entire cities.

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