Dashboard on a laptop screen showing SatSense's Assess, Monitor and Alert Services using InSAR

Assess, Monitor, Alert

Making Proactive Decisions with InSAR

SatShop portal showing how an area can be assessed for movement

Assess Ground Movement Remotely

Traditional methods of monitoring ground movement across individual assets or country-wide networks mostly require physical presence and manual monitoring. But using powerful InSAR satellite technology, we make ground movement data accessible remotely, without the need to be onsite.

Monitor Ongoing Ground Movement

Once concerning areas of movement at assets or sites have been identified, it's good practice to establish an ongoing monitoring regime to manage movement risks. Continuous monitoring of an asset helps provide the data to support key decision-making, helping answer critical questions like:

  • How much of an ongoing risk is the movement?
  • Has the movement settled?
  • Is it an isolated or widespread issue?
  • Is it time for remedial action?
SatShop portal showing ground displacement with a downward-moving graph
Automated alerts from SatShop into mailbox

Be Alerted to Concerning Movements

When your InSAR dataset shows concerning ground movement, ongoing monitoring of the asset is imperative. Our bespoke alerting system, monitors assets remotely and notifies you of concerning movement. When significant behavioural changes happen you'll be flagged and informed of where and when the movement happened, helping to:

  • Manage risks in near-real-time
  • Enhance safety
  • Promote preventative maintenance
  • Limit asset downtime

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