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How can asset managers get the most out of InSAR?



How can asset managers get the most out of InSAR?

As an asset manager, there are several ways to get the most out of InSAR technology for monitoring assets. Here are some tips:

1. Determine the Best InSAR Technique: There are different types of InSAR techniques offered at SatSense, and each has its own strengths and limitations. As an asset manager, it's important to determine the most appropriate InSAR technique for your specific asset type and monitoring needs. Include Rural/Standard/High Resolution (images created)

2. Establish a Monitoring Plan: Develop a monitoring plan that outlines the frequency and duration of InSAR data collection and analysis. This will help ensure that data is collected and analysed consistently and systematically over time.

3. Integrate InSAR Data with Other Asset Monitoring Technologies: Integrating InSAR data with other asset monitoring technologies, such as geodetic monitoring, can provide a more comprehensive understanding of asset deformation and subsidence.

4. Use InSAR Data to Inform Asset Management Decisions: InSAR data can provide valuable insights into asset deformation and subsidence, enabling asset managers to make informed decisions on maintenance and repair activities, land use planning, and other asset management decisions.

5. Regularly Evaluate the Effectiveness of InSAR Monitoring: Regularly evaluate the effectiveness of InSAR monitoring by comparing InSAR data with other monitoring data, such as geodetic data, and assessing the impact of InSAR data on asset management decisions. This will help ensure any necessary adjustments to the monitoring plan.

6. Collaborate with an Experienced InSAR Service Providers: To get the most out of InSAR technology, it's important to collaborate with an experienced InSAR service providers who can provide accurate and reliable data interpretation and analysis. We’re a friendly bunch at SatSense, with one key goal of making sure you get the most out of the InSAR data.

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By following these tips, asset managers can get the most out of InSAR technology for monitoring assets, providing valuable insights into asset deformation and subsidence and informing asset management decisions. Would you like to hear more? Contact us today by sending an email at