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What Did 2021 Look Like for SatSense?



What Did 2021 Look Like for SatSense?

Time flies when you’re having fun… With another 365 days around the sun almost complete, we’re taking a moment to look back on 2021 with our CEO, Matt. It’s been another action-packed year at SatSense, from an abundance of new contract wins to a shiny new office that supports our hybrid working setup.

We’re really proud of what we’ve achieved this year, and we’d love to share our highlights with you below!

What’s 2021 been like for SatSense?

On the whole, this year has been a very positive one for the business and the team. It was great to see that the hard work we’ve been putting into securing new clients and contracts pay off. Our customer base is now worldwide, which is a very exciting achievement in itself! Hearing about the projects our clients have underway, both here in the UK and overseas, is a really interesting part of the day job. It’s great to be the company providing InSAR data that makes this research and innovation happen!

What’s really stood out for you in 2021?


So much has happened this year that it’s hard to pin-point just one achievement! So, here’s my top five…

1. We moved into our new city-centre office back in the Summer - having the team in one place has been something we’ve all come to really appreciate! Not to mention the offering of unlimited coffee in the Nexus building…

2. I’m always in awe of our expanding team, but never more so than this year. They’ve continued to deliver work to an exceptional standard, despite the huge surge in demand for our data! Whether at home, in the office, or working from a mixture of the two, we’ve maintained the high quality SatSense is renowned for. Oh, and we’ve still managed our fair share of all-important laughs along the way!

3. We put the power of InSAR data into users’ hands via our SatShop which has been booming in 2021! It’s a truly unique and innovative offering which we’ve all found exciting to develop and nurture. Hearing such positive feedback from our customers about the self-service data download portal is always very motivating.

4. SatSense secured a contract with Network Rail which was a pretty cool one to shout about! I also helped to install my first corner reflector - in the middle of nowhere! - with Kirsten and Andy, which was great fun.

5. The whole SatSense team (minus Sam who was taking part in Jury Service!) took a day out to go go-karting, which went exactly as you’d expect from a group of technologists! It was exhilarating, competitive, and we all came away with a few impressive bruises!


As the Covid-19 pandemic rumbles on, what has been most challenging and opportunistic for SatSense? 

In all honesty, the biggest challenge has been that the team hasn’t been able to get together for a beer as often as we’d like. (Though, that would probably still be true pandemic or no pandemic!)

In all seriousness, if we’re to take anything positive away from Covid-19, it’s got to be the increased awareness of, and genuine action being taken towards, climate change. We’ve been forced to question how we work and where we work from like never before, which has offered ample opportunities for organisations to streamline their business models. Consequently, this is helping to lessen our harmful emissions on the environment at scale, which is only a good thing!

In the same way, SatSense has been reconsidering how it operates as a business. We’re keen to promote the idea of remote sensing, a technology that we fully believe makes up a huge part of future data collection. It’s been cracking to work with folk who are looking to embrace these new advancements and concepts, and really work to incorporate them into their companies.

Given that 2022 is less than a fortnight away, what are you most looking forward to next year? 

SatSense is growing… Again! We’ve got some new hires planned which will help us grow in a controlled way and help us to manage a couple of whopping projects we’ve got lined up. We’re also throwing in some more exciting upgrades to SatShop, already planning a bigger (and drier!) summer bash, and then before we know it, it’ll be Christmas 2022!


To round it up...


What a year! It’s been a busy one to say the least, with plenty to celebrate. SatSense is only looking to continue with this momentum into 2022, but for now we’re going to enjoy the festive break.

From everyone at SatSense, best wishes for Christmas and the New Year ahead!