View of earth and a satellite from space

Satellite data at your fingertips



Satellite data at your fingertips

Long days are common for Geotechnical Engineers. Early starts and late finishes combined with days spent traveling between sites mean they must juggle multiple jobs while attempting to complete as many as possible on time. To be competitive within the market, geo-consultancy firms require engineers to turn high-quality reports around at speed and to meet ambitious targets for volumes of reports.

The tools to help them achieve this are highly sought after - engineers are constantly seeking new innovative solutions to tackle this challenge. One which has increased in popularity in recent years due to its increasing accessibility is InSAR data.

Interferometric synthetic aperture radar, or InSAR, is a remote sensing technique used to measure small movements on the Earth's surface. Historical analyses of movements over the last three decades can be performed, as well as ongoing monitoring. Our experts have refined and optimised these data to provide increased insight for the likes of geotechnical engineers for use within their reporting.

InSAR has the potential to revolutionise decision-making across multiple industries such as infrastructure, mining, energy, rail, property, and more.


The SatSense SatShop

To increase timeliness and effectiveness, we have lowered the threshold to accessing high quality InSAR data. SatShop redefines the customer journey by putting power and usability back into your hands. You can now select for yourself where in the UK you would like data. You then select preferred options such as velocities, time series, data format and more. Your order is then processed, and the data is delivered within hours or even minutes of placing the order.


Streamlining with Automation

The benefits of a streamlined service to access InSAR are significant. Many of the engineers SatSense work with are over-burdened with administration and organisational tasks. Our portal reduces this by partially automating the information acquisition process. The time reduction equates to higher throughput and / or a lower cost of operation, which firms can equate to higher margins or pass on as discounts to strategic clients.

To request access to our data portal and better understand the benefits InSAR data can bring you, contact SatSense or visit SatShop now.